NetZero mycelium orbs help increase carbon capture and more


It seems whatever the question is in nature, mycelium is the answer. For the past 12 years, a duo of mycologists has singularly focused on replicating the wonders of mycelium in a way that can benefit the environment in every forest, field and yard.

Called mycelium orbs, the treatments can roughly double the amount of carbon captured by America’s lawns. It’s easy to use by simply adding the orb to a watering can or spray applicator. A single application can last at least 10 years. It can be used anywhere, from a commercial farming operation to a simple backyard lawn. The treatments rejuvenate the soil and help plants thrive. Treated plants can capture one ton of carbon per year or 10 tons per application. That’s an estimated 20% increase in carbon reduction. Additionally, the mycelium orbs are pet and human friendly and require zero maintenance.

NetZero, the company behind the orbs, began in 2008 when two scientists came up with a blend that boosts the carbon absorption of all living plants. The innovation was based on the historic symbiotic relationship between fungi and surrounding plants. Not only does mycelium act as an underground communication system throughout the forest floor, but it has also been shown to increase the land’s resilience and health. This helps trees and plants readily absorb water and nutrients., 18 March 2021