Apollo Bay distillery recalls gin bottles that are actually filled with hand sanitiser


A Victorian distillery has been forced to recall some of its gin bottles after it was revealed they were actually filled with hand sanitiser.

The Apollo Bay Distillery sold nine bottles of its SS Casino Gin over the weekend before realising they had been incorrectly labelled.

The gin bottles were actually filled with hand sanitiser containing 1.45 per cent glycerol and 0.125 per cent hydrogen peroxide.

The bottles were all sold through the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse bottleshop.

A spokesman for the Apollo Bay Distillery said one woman had reported feeling nauseous after consuming the hand sanitiser, but had since recovered.

“The bottles were incorrectly labelled and had no seal,” the spokesman said.

“We understand they are not toxic.

“Should you have purchased a bottle of SS Casino Gin between Friday 5 June to Sunday 7 June please return it to where you purchased it from for a full refund or replacement.”

The spokesman said by late Tuesday afternoon six of the nine bottles had been recovered and the team had purchasing details from the other three sales and were working to track the customers down through their bank details.

The mix-up has been put down to human error.

According to the product safety recall notice, the bottles can be identified because they have no shrink wrap seal.

“This product is not to be consumed,” the recall notice says.

“Consumption of the product may have side effects including nausea, headaches, dizziness, bloating, vomiting, thirst and diarrhea.

“If you experience any of these symptoms please seek medical advice.”

Many small distilleries made the switch from alcohol to hand sanitiser when the coronavirus restrictions impacted heavily on their businesses.

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