BSEF and Partners to use new recycling approach for brominated flame retardants


Security Matters Limited, a company focused on digitizing physical objects on the blockchain to enable the tracking and tracing of materials, announces that the International Bromine Council (BSEF), the North American Flame Retardant Alliance (NAFRA), and its member companies will use SMX’s technology to advance research and approaches that support the tracking and tracing of brominated flame retardants.

Improving Recycling of Materials Containing BFRs

As part of its global Circular Economy Action Plan, BSEF and its member companies are engaged in several projects and studies to improve end of life recycling of materials containing brominated flame retardants (BFRs). BSEF, NAFRA and its member companies are supporting an exciting new approach to sorting and separating brominated flame retardants using a chemical-based hidden “barcode” system, alongside a unique “reader” to identify these codes. These codes will enable a blockchain record to be developed to store and protect ownership data. The technology for this project has been pioneered by Security Matters. SMX’s marking technology will be used to differentiate current and new BFR technologies from the legacy BFRs chemistry. Joel Tenney, BSEF board member comments, “Developing a technology that can rapidly differentiate new BFRs from old BFRs will dramatically increase recycling efficiency, provide a mechanism for traceability, and contribute to circular economy goals.” Haggai Alon, founder and CEO, Security Matters comments, “For SMX this is a great opportunity to be an enabler on the journey of transforming base chemical production from a linear model to a sustainable model. This project is part of our belief that sustainability will be led by the industrials sector., 11 August 2020
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