Chlorpyrifos pesticide to be banned in the US, Environmental Protection Agency says


A pesticide linked to health problems in children will be banned from use on food crops in the US.

Key points:

• The EPA said the decision to ban chlorpyrifos would protect children and farm workers

• Chlorpyrifos was banned in 2015 under President Barack Obama

• President Donald Trump’s EPA reversed the decision, describing a lack of evidence

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said the decision to end the use of chlorpyrifos would protect children and farm workers from health problems.

The decision is a victory for environmental activists who have fought to stop the use of the chemical, which is widely used in American agriculture.

Its use was banned in Australia last year.

Chlorpyrifos has been used as a pesticide since 1965 on farms and in non-agricultural areas such as golf courses, according to the EPA.

Domestic use was banned in the US in 2001.

Agricultural use was first banned in 2015, under president Barack Obama, after the EPA said it could not be certain whether exposure in food and water would be harmful.

But Donald Trump’s EPA later reversed the decision, saying there was not enough evidence to link exposure to children’s health issues.

“EPA is finally following its own findings on this poisonous pesticide,” said Allison Johnson, an attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Chlorpyrifos products were banned in California last year.

The pesticide’s maker, Corteva, stopped making it last year because of declining sales., 19 August 2021