Deodorising tower using nano-bubble generator

In the present study, the authors describe the deodorising tower using a nano-bubble generator. The title deodorising tower comprises: (1) a H2O tank, (2) a discharge pipe, (3) a particle layer formed from a plastic material, (4) a deodorisation object gas supply pipe having one side connected with stench gas generation source and the other side connected to the discharge pipe between the particle layer and the H2O tank to supply deodorisation object gas between the H2O surface in the H2O tank and the particle layer, (5) an ozone supply pipe having the upper end connected with an ozone generation source and an air pressure source and the lower end arranged in H2O in the H2O tank to feed ozone into H2O in the H2O tank, (6) a H2O jetting pipe used for jetting H2O in H2O tank to the particle layer, and having nozzle parts and a pump, and (7) a nano-bubble generator having a tubular part, a cylinder, a linear flow passage, helical groove flow passages, a motor for driving a drive shaft to rotate the cylinder, a ring-shaped header part provided with at least one discharge opening, and a compressed air supply pipe. The authors concluded that the deodorising tower has excellent deodorising efficiency.

Authors: Choi, Gyu Tae; Ji, Cheol Min; Lee, Jun Hui ;Full Source: Repub. Korea KR 1,147,702 (Cl. B01D53/14), 23 May 2012, Appl. 134,903, 14 Dec 2011; 6pp. (Korean). ;