Newly discovered reef is taller than a skyscraper


Scientists have found a towering coral reef off the northern tip of Australia, the first discovery of its kind in 120 years, BBC News reports. At 500 meters tall, the reef surpasses the height of the Empire State Building and the Shanghai World Financial Center. Researchers made their discovery during a 3D mapping exercise of the northern Great Barrier Reef sea floor, part of a yearlong effort to explore the oceans surrounding Australia. With a 1.5-kilometer-wide base, the reef tapers to a point just 40 meters below the ocean’s surface, the Schmidt Ocean Institute announced in a press release this week. The massive, bladelike reef is not part of the main body of the Great Barrier Reef and adds to the seven other tall detached reefs in the area. You can check out the full exploratory dive of the newly discovered reef, 30 October 2020