1 January 2015 changes

The Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority announced that a range of changes have come into effect on 1 January 2015, affecting application fees, product labels and variations to registered products:

  • Application fee increase—final phase: The application fee increase that takes effect from 1 January brings charges back in line with the 40 per cent cost recovery target outlined in the cost recovery impact statement published in November 2012. There is a corresponding reduction in levy rates. View information on the timing of the changes to application fees.
  • One distinguishing product on the register—multiple labels: From 1 January 2015 the distinguishing name for a product no longer has to be the same name on the product container label and multiple labels can be approved for one product—read more.
  • Simple changes to details are now easier: It will be easier to vary the details of an existing registered product from 1 January 2015. Using APVMA online services people can make multiple changes to one product—for a single fee—read more.
  • Minor changes to details of actives, products and labels: People can make minor changes to details of a registered product without having to register a new product. From 1 January 2015, new legislation makes it is easier to vary the details of an existing registered product. Multiple changes to a product can be made in one notification to the APVMA—for a single fee. Changes can be notified using APVMA online services.


Changes to the agricultural and veterinary chemicals law from 1 January 2015 make it simpler to make minor changes to information about an existing registered product. You can vary the following information for an existing registered product:

  • name of manufacturer of an active constituent
  • distinguishing name (name in the register)
  • label name (marketing name)
  • net contents within the approved range—for example where 250 ml and 750 ml products are approved, a 500 ml
  • removal of a use
  • name and site address of each manufacturer (agricultural only)
  • label as a result of either varying the net contents statement or removal of a use

People can notify multiple changes to an existing product by logging in to APVMA online services. Where the proposed changes only relate to the above information the decision tree will generate an ID number and direct people to the notifications tab in the left hand navigation panel (after the list of items). You can notify multiple changes to a single product at the same time—for one fee. Each additional product attracts a new fee. Each variation in the online notification is deemed to have taken effect from the day it is lodged. The APVMA has 14 days to:

  • update the register to reflect the change—the record will carry the date the notification was lodged
  • notify holders in writing that the change has been made or notify that the change does not meet the requirements

An application can be made by:

Further information on fee and timeframes can be found here.

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