Better information on medicine labels – have your say

Australia’s medicine’s regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), has released a consultation paper that explores new ways of helping consumers better understand information on medicine labels and packaging. The discussion paper follows a major review of packaging and labelling by the TGA designed to improve information that is presented to patients and consumers on how to take their medicines safely and effectively. In addition to better information for consumers, prescribing doctors and pharmacists will be assisted by clearer and more uniform labelling to avoid confusion when they dispense medicines with similar packaging. This discussion paper examines very basic issues like active ingredient prominence, space for dispensing stickers, small container label requirements, umbrella branding, pack inserts, blister pack labelling and standardisation of label information. The consultation paper applies to all medicines whether they are purchased from a supermarket or a pharmacy without a prescription, or following a consultation with a doctor and the pharmacist at the point of dispensing. The consultation paper can be found at: TGA medicine labelling and packaging review. The consultation will run from 24 May 2012 until 24 August 2012.

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