California Prepares for Cleaning Products Right to Know Act

For many years, chemical suppliers of cleaning products in the European Union have adhered to The Detergent Regulations EC 648/2004, part of which requires information to be provided to the consumer via the labelling of ingredients and published on the internet. Similar regulations are now proposed in the United States state of California. The proposed California Cleaning Products Right to Know Act (AB 708) is gathering momentum having passed its second reading and has now been ordered for its third and final reading. This bill is specifically targeting “cleaning products,” including commercial and consumer household products, which are not required to disclose product ingredients under current disclosure laws, unlike personal care products and food. Beginning 1 January 2017, this bill will require designated consumer cleaning products manufactured for sale in California to include a list of the product’s 20 most predominant ingredients on the product label along with a link to the manufacturer’s website where consumers will also be able to find the relevant list of product ingredients and its function in the cleaning product. If there are more than 20 ingredients in a product, the product label must state that the remaining ingredients are available on the manufacturer’s website. In addition, this bill requires the manufacturer’s to include on the product label, any of those chemicals that are found on the DTSC’s (Department of Toxic Substances Control) candidate chemical list.

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