China issues draft standards on GLP

On 3 May, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) released four draft standards relating to the application of the OECD’s good laboratory practice (GLP) guidelines to chemicals testing. The drafts are now open until 30 May for public comment. The four documents include draft guidelines for chemical testing GLP (Draft Guidelines for GLP) is based on the OECD Principles of GLP which will replace the current guidance issued in 2004 (2004 HJ/T 155). Among other revisions, the draft clarifies terms and definitions, and has additional provisions on waste handling, safety measures for environment and health, and emergency support. The three other draft standards cover: guidance for compliance monitoring procedures for chemical testing GLP; guidance for chemical testing good laboratory inspections and audits; and guidance for the preparation of chemical testing good laboratory inspection reports. Currently Chinese ministries and agencies apply different GLP standards, and the MEP, Ministry of Agriculture, and State Food and Drug Administration each has its own GLP standards. However, China is considering joining the OECD mutual acceptance of data (MAD) programme, which would require China to unify its national standards. The draft guidelines are available (in Chinese) at: draft GLP standards

Chemical Watch, 17 May 2012 ; ;