China NHFPC Issues Draft Standards for Food Contact Materials  

The implementation of China’s new Food Safety Law on 1 October 2015 has provided a key impetus for Chinese authorities to accelerate the revision and publication of a series of supporting standards. On 29 September 2015, China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) released 70 draft standards relating to food safety for public consultation until 31 October 2015. Among the draft standards, there are 6 key national food safety standards relating to food contact materials in China, including:

  1. Paper, Paperboard and Paper Products for Food Contact Use
  2. Metal Materials and Products for Food Contact Use
  3. Rubber Materials and Products for Food Contact Use
  4. Plastic Resins for Food Contact Use
  5. Plastic Materials and Products for Food Contact Use
  6. Paints and Coating for Food Contact Use

A reform of all food product standards began in 2013. All existing GB standards are to be harmonised with the new Food Safety Law. The new food safety standards set out the requirements for raw materials, sensory parameters, physical and chemical specifications, additives and migration specifications, etc. Some requirements have been significantly revised, while others have been formatted without significant practical changes. Of particular interest are the standards which come attached with a consolidated positive list of permitted substances such as that used to standardise the use of food contact materials. In addition, a series of testing method standards for the determination FCM migration into their associated foodstuff have also been issued for public consultation. Stakeholders should pay attention to the drafts and submit feedbacks online. Further information is available in Chinese at: NHFPC news

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