China to Impose Consumption Tax on Batteries and Coatings

According to a recent notice issued by the Chinese Ministry of Finance (MOF), from this 1 February 2015, a 4% consumption tax will be applied to batteries and coatings at the point of their manufacture or importation. The tax is designed to promote energy conservation and environmental protection. Exemptions are granted to mercury-free primary batteries, nickel-metal hydrogen storage batteries (a.k.a. Ni-MH batteries, Ni-hydrogen storage batteries), lithium primary batteries, lithium ion storage batteries, solar batteries, fuel batteries and all-vanadium redox flow batteries. Lead storage batteries are subject to a grace period that will end on 31 December 2015. Lead storage batteries will also be subject to this tax from 1 January 2016. Coatings that release less than 420 g/L volatile organic compounds (VOC) at worksites are exempted. Note: A primary battery, of which the mercury content is less than 0.0001% of the total battery weight, or 0.0005% for button cell batteries, is regarded as a mercury-free primary battery. Further information is available (in Chinese) at: MOF notice on 2015-01-26

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