Dimethoate review: Suspension of most dimethoate products continued to 5 October 2013

On 6 October 2011 the Australian Pesticide & Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) suspended the use of dimethoate on a number of food crops due to potential dietary risks. The suspension period has now been extended to 5 October 2013. Associated permits will be extended to 5 October 2013. The suspension prohibits: use of dimethoate on certain horticultural crops use on all food producing plants in the home garden supply and possession of dimethoate products unless they carry the new instructions for use. The suspension follows the release of the 2011 Dimethoate Residues and Dietary Risk Assessment Report (August) which found that its use on many crops could exceed the recommended public health standard (the Acute Reference Dose). Further information on the suspension is available at the APVMA website.

APVMA, 25 September 2012 ;http://www.apvma.gov.au ;