EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012 (EU BPR) – UK Food and Feed Derogations – 30 October 2015 deadline

Products currently in receipt of a food and feed derogation in the United Kingdom are considered to be within scope of the EU Biocides Regulation (EU BPR) as they are all placed on the market with the intention that they have a repellent or attractant action. If the active substance(s) in such food or feed derogation products isn’t already Approved or included on Annex I of the EU BPR, or currently supported for review for Product Type 19, then industry has to take action to support that substance through the EU BPR assessment process – the deadline for companies to complete the declaration and notification of such support is 30 October 2015. Where substances are not supported through this process, existing food and feed derogations will be phased-out. Further information about the requirements for product in receipt of a UK food and feed derogation can be found on the HSE website. Further information about the declaration and notification process to support food and feed active substances is explained in more detail the HSE website.

HSE ebulletin, 23 October 2015 ; ;