Feedback on Quality Assurance and Quality Management seminars

Three one-day seminars on ‘Quality Assurance and Quality Management’ were held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from 14-16 February 2012. The seminars were arranged by the Veterinary Manufacturers and Distributors Association (VMDA) and the program was developed in consultation with the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) from suggestions provided through the APVMA’s Manufacturers Licensing Scheme Industry Liaison Committee. Invitations were extended to all licensed manufacturers and more than 135 people registered for the seminars. Good manufacturing practice consultant Ian Wheatley delivered presentations on the technical aspects of quality assurance including environmental monitoring and water monitoring, validation, personnel and training, contract manufacture and release for supply. Representatives of the APVMA Manufacturing and Quality Licensing team gave presentations aimed at getting better audit outcomes covering APVMA requirements, audit planning, preparation and closure and overseas audits. The feedback indicated that the seminars were well received as more than 90 per cent of responses rated the relevance of the information provided as either good or excellent. Although more than 80 per cent of respondents rated the seminars as good or excellent value for money, the comments revealed some differences in the expectations of individual attendees with respect to venues and catering. Many of the respondents indicated that the presentations on the technical aspects were the most useful, while some indicated that the participants appreciated the opportunity to meet the regulators, get their perspectives and ask questions. The APVMA values the feedback received and we will take it into account before planning or participating in any future events. The APVMA provided an additional briefing for Western Australian manufacturers in Perth in March.

Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority, 15 March 2012 ; ;