Germany publishes report aimed at reducing biocides use

The German Environment Agency (UBA) has published a report examining how measures to encourage the sustainable use of plant protection products could be applied to biocides. The document, entitled a Thematic Strategy on Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products, Prospects and Requirements for Transferring Proposals for Plant Protection Products to Biocides, examines: the promotion of best practices as a means of reducing the use of biocidal products to the minimum; the most effective approaches for monitoring the use of biocidal products; the development and application of integrated pest management principles with respect to the use of biocidal products; the risks posed by the use of biocidal products in specific areas such as schools, workplaces, kindergartens, public spaces, geriatric care centres, or in the vicinity of surface or groundwater, and whether additional measures are needed to address them; the role that the improved performance of the equipment used for the application of biocidal products could make to sustainable use. To view the complete report, go to: Report

Chemical Watch, 9 May 2012 ; ;