HSE’s proposals to remove fourteen legislative measures

United Kingdom’s Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has released a consultative document seeking views on the proposals to remove fourteen legislative measures (one Act, twelve Regulations and one Order and with a related provision in the Factories Act 1961) and to withdraw approval for an associated Approved Code of Practice. HSE believes these are either redundant, have been overtaken by more up to date Regulations or do not deliver their expected benefits. The consultative document has been divided into annexes. You can view and respond to the individual sections by clicking on the links provided. Introduction Annex 1 – Celluloid and Cinematograph Film legislation Annex 2 – Construction (Head Protection) Regulations Notification of Conventional Tower Cranes Regulations Annex 3 – Notification of Installations Handling Hazardous Substances Regulations Annex 4 – Gasholders (Record of Examinations) Order (and Section 39 (2) of Factories Act 1961) Annex 5 – Docks Regulations, COP 25 Shipbuilding and Ship-repairing Regulations Annex 6 – Metrication Regulations To view the full consultative document, go to: consultative document . If you wish to respond to the consultation, use the online questionnaire or download a response form to complete. This consultation began on 3 April 2012 and will end on 4 July 2012.

Health & Safety Executive, April 2012 ;http://www.hse.gov.uk/ ;