IMAP Assessments—Public Comment: Tranche 14

The National Industrial Chemicals Notification & Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) is giving interested parties the opportunity to comment on the assessment outcomes of IMAP–Tranche 14 reports, within eight weeks following their initial publication. The public comment period will end at the close of business onFriday 28 August 2015. Comments are sought on information that has the potential to affect the outcome of an assessment, but which was not considered in the assessment. Comments provided should be evidence-based and the relevance of submitted information should be highlighted. You should submit your comments via the public comment form, which provides guidance on submitting public comments. For Tier II assessments, the public comment form that is located at the top of each assessment should be used. The Tranche 14 assessments can be accessed by the following links (which launch relevant summary tables in excel format):


NICNAS, 3 July 2015