IMAP Release of Tranche 11

The National industrial Chemicals Notification & Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) is now in the third year of implementing a new framework for the assessment and prioritisation of previously unassessed chemicals that are listed on the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS). The Inventory Multi-tiered Assessment and Prioritisation (IMAP) Framework is being implemented in stages, with a focus on a subset of chemicals on AICS meeting characteristics confirmed through stakeholder consultation. This new framework is producing information about the hazards and risks associated with the use of industrial chemicals, and identifies chemicals that might require further risk mitigation to ensure safe use. NICNAS is giving interested parties the opportunity to comment on the assessment outcomes of the eleventh tranche of IMAP assessments, within eight weeks of their initial publication. NICNAS will publish the assessment reports during the week beginning 24 November 2014. Public comment should be provided to NICNAS by the close of business on 23 January 2015 using the IMAP public comment form. Guidance on submitting comments is available. To gain further efficiencies in the implementation of IMAP, NICNAS is including additional chemicals for assessment during Stage One. These are chemicals that can be rapidly assessed for either (or both) human health and environmental risks because they are included in a group of chemicals already being assessed in Stage One. An updated Stage One chemicals list, including additional chemicals identified to date for assessment during Stage One, is now available.

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