Mandatory emissions reporting deadline nears

New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has issued a reminder to participants in the liquid fossil fuel, stationary energy and industrial processes sectors of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme that emissions returns for the 2011 calendar year are due to be submitted by 31 March 2012. The last business day before this date is Friday 30 March. These sectors cover activities such as importing liquid fossil fuels, mining coal and natural gas, importing coal and natural gas, using geothermal fluid to generate electricity, and producing products such as iron, steel, aluminium, clinker, burnt lime and glass. EPA General Manager of Emissions Trading, Andrea Gray, says this is the second year participants in the liquid fossil fuels, stationary energy and industrial processes sectors have been required to submit emissions returns. “We’re encouraging mandatory participants to log on to the New Zealand Emission Unit Register ( to check their account details are correct, that they are registered for the correct activity and submit their emissions return for the 2011 reporting year,” Ms Gray says. The penalties for failure to submit a return are a fine of up to $8000 and, in some circumstances, an additional cost of up to $30 per emissions unit required for surrender. If you are a mandatory participant and have any queries on your 2011 emissions returns, you can contact 0800 CLIMATE (0800 254 628). The 31 March reporting deadline does not apply to participants who have recently registered activities in the new sectors (agriculture, waste and synthetic gases). These new sectors do not have mandatory reporting requirements until 31 March 2013.

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