New guide for importers and manufacturers of hazardous substances

New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has released a new guide for importers and manufacturers of hazardous substances, to help them apply for approval of new substances and formulations. The guideexplains why applicants may need to engage with Māori as part of the application process, when and how this should occur, and how the EPA can help. There are a number of legal and other responsibilities for ensuring Māori are engaged in the activities and decision-making process of the EPA. Those relevant to hazardous substances applicants are found in the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act. Some information about how these provisions apply are explained, with examples, in the new guide. Recognising that engaging with Māori may be an unfamiliar activity for applicants, the EPA has a Māori team, Kura Kaupapa Taiao, who have networks and experience in this area. The EPA encourages applicants to contact the team for advice and help early in the development of an application. Further information is available at: Read the Māori engagement guideline for hazardous substances notified applications to the Environmental Protection Authority (pdf, 510 kb).

Email the Environmental Protection Authority’s Māori teamto ask a question or get help about engaging with Māori on your hazardous substances application.

Read the EPA’s overarching policy on engaging with Māori for applications (pdf, 164 kb).

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