NIA asks the European Commission for clarifications on nanomaterials and the EU biocides legislation

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) has recently sent a letter to the European Commission with a number of questions related to the status of existing active biocidal substances in nanoform. The questions raised will be discussed in an upcoming meeting with Member States Competent Authorities (MSCA). The origin of the questions is related to the fact that over the last years a number of research activities have generated a substantial amount of data relevant to the nanoforms of a number of active substances. Due to the fact that the review process of active substances in biocidal products started already in 2007, and that information related to nanomaterials were not required at that time, this new data may not have been available to the Rapporteur Member States when drafting the Competent Authority Report. This situation creates uncertainty for nanoform biocidal products on the market and therefore the NIA has asked for clarification for a number of circumstances. Registered NIA members can download the letter submitted to the European Commission from the ‘Members Only’-Area on the NIA website by following the link to ‘Restricted Docs & Pubs’.

Nantechnology Industries Association, 17 May 2012 ; ;