Norway says substance found in glues, paints is EDC

Norway’s Environment Agency is urging other European countries to back its call to classify 4-tert-butylphenol as harmful to aquatic life. It says the substance belongs to a group of alkylphenol compounds “suspected to be endocrine disruptors in the environment”. It adds that several of these substances are already banned. And a number of its “sister substances” are on the Norwegian priority list of hazardous substances due to be phased out. The agency says it has found evidence that the substance is an endocrine disruptor in the environment, and that laboratory tests have shown it can feminise male fish. The substance is widely used in:

  • adhesives;
  • sealants;
  • paints;
  • thinners; and
  • paint removers.

The agency has proposed that the substance is given a mandatory European classification (CLH) as a category 1 substance with chronic toxicity to the aquatic environment. It is already classified as a:

  • category 2 reprotoxicant;
  • category 1 substance that causes eye damage; and
  • category 2 skin irritant.

The consultation on Norway’s proposal closes on 8 January. The substance was also added by Germany’s Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Baua) to the EU’s community rolling action plan (Corap) of chemicals subject to evaluation. Baua is currently conducting a risk management option analysis (RMOA).

Chemical Watch, 21 December 2016 ; ;