Pesticides and non-target arthropods: EFSA reviews the science

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published an opinion on the risk posed by plant protection products to non-target arthropods. The document explains the science that will support the development of a full risk assessment scheme and is based on a review of the current scheme, taking into consideration recent workshops and advances in science. EFSA’s pesticide experts propose specific protection goals, which aim to protect important ecosystem services such as food web support, pest control and biodiversity. EFSA’s Panel on Plant Protection Products and their Residues (PPR) is currently revising its Guidance on Terrestrial Ecotoxicology. The Panel decided to split the task into opinions for separate organism groups, i.e. in-soil organisms, non-target arthropods, amphibians and reptiles, and non-target terrestrial plants. For each of the groups, it will first summarise the science behind the risk assessment and then develop practical guidance on how to perform the risk assessment. A copy of the scientific opinion is available at: Scientific Opinion addressing the state of the science on risk assessment of plant protection products for non-target arthropods

EFSA, 12 February 2015 ; ;