Priority Existing Chemicals – Release of final report on Diisodecyl Phthalate and Di-n-octyl Phthalate

The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) has recently assessed diisodecyl phthalate (DIDP, CAS Nos. 68515-49-1 and 26761-40-0) and di-n-octyl phthalate (DnOP, CAS No. 117-84-0) as Priority Existing Chemicals (PECs) under the Commonwealth Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 (ICNA Act). A draft of the PEC report on DIDP and DnOP was released to the applicants for factual corrections from 17 December 2014 to 22 January 2015; and then for public comment from 3–31 March 2015. During the public comment period there were no requests to vary the report. NICNAS has now published the final PEC report on DIDP and DnOP (PEC Report No. 39). This report and a fact sheet (a plain English guide on the use and potential health effects of DIDP and DnOP) are available electronically from the NICNAS website ( The publication of this report revokes the declaration of DIDP and DnOP as PECs under section 62 of the ICNA Act. Although DIDP and DnOP cease to be PECs following the publication of this report, please note that the secondary notification requirements under section 64 of the ICNA Act continue to apply, including a requirement that companies provide NICNAS with any additional information that becomes available regarding adverse effects of DIDP and DnOP on occupational health and safety, public health or the environment.

A copy of the report is available:

NICNAS Chemical Gazette, 5 May 2015 ;<ahref=””> ;