Public release of draft priority existing chemical report for diisononyl phthalate

On 1 May 2012, the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) published a draft priority existing chemical report for diisononyl phthalate in the Chemical Gazette. Under Section 60D of the Act, the draft DINP PEC report was given to applicants for 28 days to enable corrections of any errors. Two comments were received. NICNAS has made editorial amendments and will consider full unpublished reports of additional animal studies during the Variation stage of the PEC process. The report focuses on assessment of risks for the public associated with potential exposure to DINP through the use of children’s toys and child care articles. The findings of this assessment do not identify the need for any additional recommendations to the existing controls in place for the use of DINP in toys and child care articles. NICNAS requirements for a secondary notification in specified circumstances in the report should warrant a reassessment of risks (including cumulative risks) of DINP. The draft report is available at: Public comments should be submitted to NICNAS by 29 May 2012. NICNAS intends to hold public briefings on the findings of the report preferably on week commencing 14 May 2012. Locations and dates will be determined depending on the level of interest. Further information is available on the NICNAS website.

NICNAS Chemical Gazette, 2 May 2012 ; ;