Revised new chemicals notification forms

The National Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) have developed revised notification forms for use when notifying new industrial chemicals in the certificate categories. These forms will be available on the NICNAS website from July 2012 at: The release of the new forms coincides with the implementation of the 2012-2013 revised notification fees, which were established through the CRIS. The following changes have been made to the forms: Due to the replacement of the template rebate with set notification fees, streamlined forms are replacing the templates. The primary change is the removal of the requirement to complete the detailed study information in the appendices. Revised Modular Attachment Forms are being implemented so that the category names are aligned with the fixed-fee categories that were established through the CRIS. It is acknowledged that notifiers may be in the process of preparing submissions using the previous certificate (template) notification forms. Please note that these forms will continue to be accepted by NICNAS until 1 September 2012 (but as noted above, no rebate will apply). To ensure that you are using the correct notification form, NICNAS recommend that you download the appropriate form each time you notify (i.e. do not complete/submit forms that have been previously downloaded and saved to your computer). To provide feedback on the new chemical notification forms and/or for assistance in completing the forms, please contact the NICNAS New Chemicals Program.

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