Safe handling of carbon nanotubes in the workplace

On 5 March 2012, Mr Tom Phillips AM, Safe Work Australia Chair, announced the release of a new publication on the Safe Handling and Use of Carbon Nanotubes. “Carbon nanotubes have many useful properties but have raised health concerns as some forms of nanotubes can have structural similarities with asbestos,” said Mr Phillips. “The publication released today addresses these health concerns and offers information on how people can work safely with carbon nanotubes in the workplace. It suggests two risk management approaches that can be used separately or combined to inform a safe approach when using the material.” “The information can also be adopted for the safe handling of other forms of carbon nanofibres like carbon nanorods or nanowires,” said Mr Phillips. Safe Work Australia commissioned the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to develop information on the safe handling and use of carbon nanotubes in the workplace. Mr Phillips said that Safe Work Australia is proud to support research into work health and safety issues associated with carbon nanotubes and has commissioned a human health hazard assessment and classification of carbon nanotubes. Findings will be published in mid 2012. This work is part of a whole of government approach to the responsible use of technologies including nanotechnologies that the Australian Government supports through the National Enabling Technologies Strategy. Further information is available at: safe handling of carbon nanotubes

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