Secondary Notifications assessed by the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme

In the October edition of the Chemical Gazette, the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) published a list of chemical that require secondary notifications and also a list of chemicals that did require secondary notification but no longer do so. Under section 71(1) and 71(2) of the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989, as amended, the Director of NICNAS is required to maintain a list of chemicals requiring secondary notification, and a list of chemicals that required, but no longer require, secondary notification. Section 71(3) requires these lists to be published once a year. The chemicals on these lists were originally notified and assessed under either section 23 or 57 of the Act. Because new information became available that potentially impacted on the original assessment, these chemicals subsequently required secondary notification under section 65(1) or 64(2) of the Act. This enabled the original assessment to be updated. Chemicals currently undergoing secondary notification assessment Chemical/Trade Name Original Ref No. Secondary Ref No. Company Name Lanthanum Modified Clay (Phoslock) NA/899 NA/899S Intergrated Mineral Tech LTd & CSIRO GTL Diesel STD/1270 SN/23 The Shell Company of Australia Rape Oil, Polymer with Tung Oil (INCI name: Brassica Campestries/Aleurites Fordi Oil Copolymer) LTD/1461 SN/25 Ingredients Plus Pty Ltd Chemicals that have required secondary notification assessment in the past Chemical/Trade name Original Ref No. Secondary Ref. No Company Name Date Gazetted Triglycidylisocyanurate (TGIC) PEC No. 1 PEC No. 1S Ameron Coatings, Dulux Australia, Interpon Powder Coatings, Juton Australia Pty Ltd, Sumitomo Australia Ltd & Vantico Pty Limited Feb 2001 HCFC-123 PEC No. 4 PEC No. 4S DuPont (Australia) Pty Ltd, Elf Atochem (Australia)Pty Ltd & GSA Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd July 1999 Sodium ethyl xanthate PEC No. 5 PEC No. 5S Coogee Chemicals Pty Ltd Feb 2000 Z28 NA/418 NA/418S Lubrizol International, Inc. Dec 2003 Polymer in Reactint Red X64 NA/405 NA/4505S Asia Pacific Specialty Chemicals Limited April 2003 Polymer in E7581 NA/752 NA/752S Afton Chemical Corporation December 2004 OLOA 270 NA/889 NA/889S Oronite Australia Pty Ltd May 2003 N-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide NA/467 NA/467S Quinfert Pty Ltd Feb 2011 C-1824 NA/35 SN/1 Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd April 1992 Nonanoic Acid, Potassium Salt NA/114 SN/2 Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd September 1993 Necon LO-80 NA/316 & NA/562 SN3 Bristol-Myers Pty Ltd November 1997 Polymer in Tersperse 4913 NA/431 & NA/610 SN4 Orica Australia Pty Ltd October 1998 Mortrace MP NA/580 SN/5 Petrofin International Pty Ltd January 1999 Aero 6697 Promotor NA/221 SN/6 Cytec Australia Holdings Pty Ltd April 1999 Melio Tex SP 3948 NA/131 SN/7 Clariant (Australia) Pty Ltd (formerly Sandoz Australia Pty Ltd) January 2000 ChEster 304 NA/728 SN/8 Chevron Chemical Australia and Baker Hughes Inteq December 2000 ChEster 306 NA/729 SN/9 Chevron Chemical Australia and Baker Hughes Inteq December 2000 Habanolide NA/577 SN/10 Firmenich Ltd September 2002 Prosoft TQ 1003 & Rezosol 1095 NA/956 SN/11 Nuplex Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd April 2004 Dye in Epson Inkjet Cartridge LTD/1062 SN/13 Toxikos Pty Ltd & Epson Australia Pty Ltd July 2004 Arachidyl Glucoside LTD/1183 SN/17 Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd June 2007 Erythrulose (Erythrulose Pentapharm) LTD/1130 SN/19 Bronson and Jacobs Pty Ltd, Unilever Australia Ltd & Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd March 2008 Diutan Gum STD/1193 SN/20 Nuplex Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd June 2010 Glycine, N-coco acyl derivs., sodium salts (Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate) LTD/1306 SN/21 Unilever Australia Ltd & Amtrade International Pty Ltd March 2011 SN/22 Clariant (Australia) Pty Ltd November 2011

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