Singapore Issues Amendment to Fifth Schedule of Misuse of Drugs Act

The Singaporean Minister of Home Affairs published in the electronic Government Gazette on 29 October 2015 the Misuse of Drugs Act (Amendment of Fifth Schedule) Order 2015, revoking and replacing the previous chemical substance list in the Fifth Schedule of this Act. Singapore has strict controls on chemical substances that are classified as narcotic, psychotropic drugs or precursors to those drugs as well as substances that are available for other purposes but may be misused. The Fifth Schedule includes a list of temporarily listed drugs as declared and approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Substances on this list are permitted in Singapore but are strictly controlled as to their manufacturing, exportation, importation and possession. Manufacturers, importers and distributors should consult the Order for guidance and to determine whether their products are affected by the Order. The Order takes effect on 1 November 2015.

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