South Korea Proposes Changes to High Risk Product Safety Labelling Standard

On 30 September 2015, South Korea’s Ministry of Environment (MoE) issued the draft amendment to the High Risk Product Safety Labelling Standard. The public consultation ended on 20 Oct 2015. The MoE issued five categories covering a total of 15 kinds of high risk products divided into two batches released in March and June 2015 which includes detergents, coating adhesives, air fresheners, dye products and biocidal products. This revision covers the following 6 aspects:

  • Revise standard testing methods for certain chemical substances (18 kinds, attachment 3 of the revised document) contained in the high risk products;
  • Change the requirements for child-proof packaging (refer to attachment 5 of the revised document);
  • Add content threshold for formaldehyde contained in cyanoacrylate quick-drying adhesives;
  • Revise the warning sign requirements on adhesive labels in accordance with Youth Protection Act; and
  • Add objects applicable to container strength test

Further information is available (in Korean) at: MoE Announcement No. 2015-655

Chemlinked, 28 October 2015 ; ;