South Korea Published LR Election Results for 121 PEC Substances

On 6 January 2015, the results of LR election for priority existing chemical substances (PECs) were published, including chemical name, CAS No. date of LR determination, and the name of LR. However, some LRs have applied for non-disclosure of their name to the public and are only accessible to potential registrants having already joined the registration system. The K-REACH joint registration pilot project involves 7 substances included in the 1st batch of 510 PECs subject to registration under K-REACH, of which 6 substances finished the election of LR on 23 Oct 2015 and the other one finished a little bit later on 11 Nov 2015 due to two candidates bargaining for the LR position (CL news). In addition to the 7 substances which completed LR election during the pilot project, the LRs for the other PECs were collectively elected during a period from 5 Dec 2015 to 17 Dec 2015. The results for 114 PECs were issued on the 6th of Jan 2016. As announced on 28 December 2015, there were still a total of 5 substances needing further negotiation to finalise the LR election by middle January. For other PECs that missed their opportunity to elect their LRs in December 2015, the authority will organise another round of LR election in the future.

Chemlinked, 8 January 2016 ; ;