Switzerland publishes draft amendments to chemicals law

Switzerland has published a draft Ordinance on protection against dangerous substances and preparations, concerning chemical risk assessment and requirements for marketing and use of such items, which is designed to align Swiss legislation with EU regulations. According to a notice from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), as well as aligning national regulations with that of Switzerland’s main trading partners the Ordinance also adheres to the UN Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS). The system will be mandatory in Switzerland as of 1 December 2012 for substances, and as of 1 June 2015 for preparations. Certain national obligations specific to Switzerland, including notification requirements and a ban on the over-the-counter sales for certain products, have also been adapted. Comments on the draft are invited by 31 August 2012. The document is available at: WTO notification

Chemical Watch, 13 July 2012 ;http://chemicalwatch.com ;