Taiwan Adopts UN GHS Rev.4

Taiwan’s Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has finalised changes to 11 of the 28 CNS 15030 serial standards. The new CNS 15030 standards have been revised to align with UN GHS Rev.4 as well as China, Japan, Singapore, etc. The new standards were issued on 26 Jan 2015 and took effect immediately. The previous standards were issued on 29 Dec 2008 and were made based on GHS Rev.2. According to Mr. Liu, senior specialist for standard revision from the BSMI, the CNS 15030-27 for environment hazard is a priority update target and will be amended to meet the EPA’s requirements of hazard evaluation after chemical registration under the revised TCSCA. The CNS 15030 serial standards (CN/EN documents) can be purchased on the CNS website. The official English translation of the revised 11 standards are being prepared, which will take more than one month. Below is the information of the revised 11 CNS 15030 standards.


CNS No. Classification of hazard
1 CNS 15030 General rules for classification and labelling of chemicals
2 CNS 15030-2 Flammable gases (including chemically unstable gases)
3 CNS 15030-3 Aerosols
4 CNS 15030-4 Oxidising gases
5 CNS 15030-5 Gases under pressure
6 CNS 15030-6 Flammable liquids
7 CNS 15030-7 Flammable solids
8 CNS 15030-11 Self-heating substances and mixtures
9 CNS 15030-16 Corrosive to metals
10 CNS 15030-20 Respiratory or skin sensitisation
11 CNS 15030-23 Reproductive toxicity

Further information is available (in Chinese) at: Taiwan BSMI news

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