TGA Consultation Forecast

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) consultation forecast provides an indication of the major consultations scheduled by the agency for release during the next 6 months. In some cases, on minor issues, consultations with stakeholders may be discretionary and may not be included in the forecast. The forecast will be updated periodically. To be informed of when the table is updated, and to be notified when the TGA is calling for input to its consultations please subscribe to the TGA consultations email list. An independent review of medicines and medical devices regulation was announced (link is external) on 24 October 2014. The Review will examine the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s regulatory framework and processes with a view to identifying:

q  areas of unnecessary, duplicative, or ineffective regulation that could be removed or streamlined without undermining the safety or quality of therapeutic goods available in Australia; and

q  opportunities to enhance the regulatory framework so that Australia continues to be well positioned to respond effectively to global trends in the development, manufacture, marketing and regulation of therapeutic goods.

Further information on the review, including opportunities to provide submissions, is available at Expert review of medicines and medical devices regulation (link is external). Feedback on the forecast is welcomed. Please email TGA External Relations (link sends e-mail).

TGA, 26 February 2015 ; ;