Vietnam Issues National Technical Regulation on Glass, Ceramic and Porcelain Food Contact Materials

On 28 October 2015, the Vietnam Food Agency (VFA), an agency under the Ministry of Health, published Circular 35/2015/TT-BYT, announcing the issuance of National Technical Regulation (QCVN) 12-4:2015/BYT on the Safety and Hygiene Glass, Ceramic, Porcelain and Enamelled Implements, Containers, and Packaging in Direct Contact with Food. The QCVN includes a list of maximum migration limits for lead and cadmium which may migrate from ceramic, glass, porcelain and enamelled food containers to food products. The Circular takes effect on 1 May 2016, which means that all glass, ceramic, porcelain and enamelled food containers and packaging must comply with the requirements of QCVN 12-4:2015/BYT as of that date.

3E EH&S Express, 7 January 2016 ; ;