Webinar: Mandatory reporting of product-related death, injury & illness under the Australian Consumer Law

On 10 April 2013, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) are holding a webinar on mandatory reporting of product related death, injury and illness under the Australian Consumer Law. This webinar is for people who supply consumer goods in the Australian market at any stage of the supply chain. In addition, it is for people providing a product-related service (such as delivery, installation, assembly, maintenance, repair or cleaning of a consumer product). Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), if you become aware of a death, serious injury or illness associated with a product you supply or product-related service you provide, you must report it to the ACCC. This requirement is known as ‘mandatory reporting.’ Mandatory reporting applies to all participants in the supply chain. In this webinar, Ruth Mackay, General Manager and John Jamieson, Director from the ACCC’s Product Safety Branch explain what mandatory reporting is, how to do it, why you should and what happens if you don’t. You’ll also learn when it’s not required, and what your rights and obligations as a supplier are in the mandatory reporting process. You’ll also be able to ask the presenters questions via the webinar portal and via the ACCC Product Safety Twitter account @ACCCProdSafety using the hash tag #prodsafe. Please go to the ACCC’s website to register.

Food Standards News, February 2013 ;http://www.foodstandards.gov.au ;