Appendix for nanoforms applicable to the Guidance on Registration and Substance Identification


This guidance has been developed to provide advice to registrants for substances that cover “nanoforms”. Section 2 of the guidance explains general requirements regarding the registration of nanoforms.

Section 3 explains the concept of nanoform, how to distinguish one nanoform from another and the characterisation requirements when registering individual nanoforms.

Section 4 focuses on how to create and justify sets of similar nanoforms and details the characterisation and reporting requirements when registering sets of nanoforms instead of individual nanoforms.

Section 5 describes the registration process and illustrates the concepts of nanoforms and sets of nanoforms in the context of a joint submission. It also explains important principles related to the joint vs. separate submission of REACH Annex VII-X information.

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ECHA, 20 February 2022