Chesar 2.2 supports generation of exposure scenarios for communication

The European Chemical Agency has announced that its Chemical Safety Assessment and Reporting tool (Chesar) has been updated to ease the generation of exposure scenarios for communication in the supply chain. This update marks the first step in standardisation of exposure scenario information for downstream users. The new Chesar version enables registrants to generate their exposure scenarios to be used for communication in the supply chain directly from their chemical safety assessments with a few simple mouse clicks. This will help to avoid manual transfer of information to the registrants’ safety data sheet systems and/or copying whole chapters from the chemical safety report into the annex of the safety data sheet. In addition, Chesar 2.2 offers the possibility to import the ESCom standard phrase catalogue, published by the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) early March 2013 in a Chesar compatible format. With the new functionalities, registrants can use Chesar not only to make a comprehensive chemical safety report but also to produce extended safety data sheets for downstream users on how to control risks to workers, consumers and the environment that are fully consistent with the chemical safety report. The link to the ESCom catalogue and the layout of the Chesar exposure scenario are the first steps towards standardisation of communication on safe use in the supply chain. Finally, Chesar 2.2 contains several improvements on the usability that will facilitate the work of the user. Detailed information about the new version is available in the release notes and related user manuals. Further information is available at: Chesar website

ECHA, 6 March 2013 ; ;