Commission authorises eight uses

The European Commission has granted authorisations for: one use of ammonium dichromate (EC No 232-143-1; CAS No 7789-09-5) by Micrometal GmbH, decision in OJ; six separate uses of sodium dichromate (EC No 234-190-3; CAS No 7789-12-0 10588-01-9) by the following companies: Electroquimica De Hernani S.A., decision in OJ Ercros SA, Avenida Diagonal, decision in OJ Kemira Chemicals Oy, decision in OJ Solvay Portugal – Produtos Quimicos S.A, decision in OJ; Caffaro Brescia S.r.l, decision in OJ Arlanxeo Netherlands B.V, decision in OJ. The review period for these uses expires on 21 September 2029. The Commission has also granted an authorisation for: one use of 1,2-dichloroethane (EC No 203-458-1; CAS No 107-06-2) by BASF SE with date of expiry of review period 22 November 2024, decision in OJ. To date, the Commission has made 89 authorisation decisions in total.

ECHA Weekly, 21 June 2017 ; ;