Companies join forces to build REACH authorisation dossiers

Eight companies – three of which are linked to the defence industry – are working with the French consultancy Ecomundo to exchange information needed to build REACH authorisation dossiers for four different substances. The consultancy recently created so-called authorisation task forces to encourage companies to work together to compile authorisation dossiers. “We are at the start of our work with task forces,” a spokesman for Ecomundo said. “The aim of these groups is to discuss together around common issues on the same substance. Eight companies are currently participating in task forces on four different substances.” He explained that “we are already committed with two of them to draft their authorisation dossiers and are discussing with four others for the same purpose”. Two substances for which task forces have already been set up are 4,4’ – diaminodiphenylmethane (MDA) and 2,2′-dichloro-4,4′-methylenedianiline (MOCA). “MDA was just a start, but discussions we had at that moment helped us to understand at an early stage that MOCA would be the next target, well before it was recommended for inclusion in Annex XIV,” explained the spokesman. “More advanced work is therefore already taking place on MOCA – such as an assessment of risk management measures and an analysis of alternatives analysis – as its inclusion in the authorisation list highly probable”. EcoMundo is encouraging manufacturers and downstream users to join its task forces in order to “mutualise research efforts, expertise and financial costs on a specific substance”. According to the spokesman, “in some cases, it is also possible that dossiers will be made on an individual basis, mutualising only limited part of the information. This will help avoid costly and inefficient consortia – ECHA has said that that such collaborations are not compulsory and sometimes, counterproductive”. He added that a “task force can also be set up for a substance on the candidate list since it will be added to the Annex XIV sooner or later. This allows companies to begin building a dossier at an earlier stage”.

Chemical Watch, 18 July 2012 ; ;