Cosmetics tests on animals sneak back into the European Union


Tests on animals for cosmetics ingredients and sales of animal-tested products are banned across the European Union (EU). Yet animals are still being poisoned and killed in tests for cosmetics ingredients there.


Are Animal Tests Banned in the European Union?


Back in 2013, people all over world celebrated when a ban on animal testing for cosmetics came into full force in the EU. Europe had led the way in banning animal tests for cosmetics products and their ingredients—a ban based on the fundamental principle that no new cosmetics are worth the harm caused to animals in these deadly tests. The message was clear: No animal deserves to suffer and be killed for the sake of lipstick or toothpaste, and the EU was taking a stand against animal testing.

But under the guise of chemical-testing legislation called the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation, authorities are now demanding that some cosmetics ingredients be tested on animals under certain circumstances. At least 150 chemicals registered under REACH are ingredients used exclusively in cosmetics, and many of these are subject to new animal testing requests by the European Chemicals Agency.




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PETA, 23 August 2021