ECHA launches a 12-week public consultation on a draft scientific review report on phthalates DINP and DIDP

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), at the request of the European Commission, has reviewed the scientific evidence on the risks posed by articles containing the phthalates DINP and DIDP. Based on an existing restriction, these phthalates cannot be used in toys and childcare articles which can be placed in the mouth by children. In its draft report, ECHA concludes that the existing restriction is justified and that no further risk reduction measures are needed to reduce the exposure of children to DINP and DIDP. ECHA now invites interested parties to submit their comments on the draft report by 31 July 2012. In particular, ECHA welcomes any relevant new scientific evidence that was not assessed in the draft report. Against the above background, ECHA’s Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) has been requested to provide a scientific opinion on the draft report, taking into account comments from this public consultation. Further information is available at: and

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