ECHA launches a new public consultation on proposals for harmonised classification and labelling for four pesticides and a fire-preventing agent

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has invited interested parties to comment on five new proposals for harmonised classification and labelling (CLH): Isoxaflutole, Tembotrione, Metosulam, Potassium sorbate and Tetrakis(2,6-dimethylphenyl)-m-phenylene biphosphate. The public consultation will be open for 45 days and will end on 28 June 2012. The CLH reports and the dedicated webform to post the comments are available on the ECHA website. ECHA’s Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) will consider the comments received during the public consultation when developing its opinion on the CLH proposal. The Commission takes into account the RAC opinion when it decides whether the proposal for harmonised classification and labelling is accepted and if so, the substance is added to the list of hazardous substances for which harmonised classification and labelling has been established (Annex VI, part 3 of the CLP Regulation). The proposed classification and labelling for harmonisation and examples of uses of the substances are details in the table below. Substance name EC number CAS number Proposed harmonised classification and labelling Examples of uses* Isoxaflutole – 141112-29-0 Addition of an acute M-factor of 10 Addition of a chronic M-factor of 100 Plant protection product used as a herbicide for crops (maize). Tembotrione – 335104-84-2 Skin sensitisation, Specific target organ toxicity – repeated exposure, Hazardous to the aquatic environment Used as a herbicide against grasses and broad leaved weeds. Metosulam – 139528-85-1 Carcinogenicity, Specific target organ toxicity – repeated exposure, Hazardous to the aquatic environment Herbicide intended to be used in potatoes, wheat, apples/pears and peaches. Potassium sorbate 246-376-1 24634-61-5 Skin irritation, Serious eye irritation No examples of use have been specified in the CLH report. Tetrakis(2,6-dimethylphenyl)-m-phenylene biphosphate 432-770-2 139189-30-3 Removal of Aquatic chronic 4 Used as a fire-preventing agent in preparing sheets for use in electronic circuit boards for products such as mobile phones, personal computers, televisions and video recorders. * Please note that information on uses does not impact the classification and labelling, which is solely based on the intrinsic properties of a substance. Examples of uses are copied from the CLH report.

European Chemicals Agency, 14 May 2012 ; ;