ECHA: New substance evaluation conclusions published


Under ECHA, there is a Substance Evaluation table associated with the Community rolling action plan (CoRAP). If a substance is on this list, it means that a Member State has evaluated or will evaluate the substance in the coming years. CoRAP was last updated November 22, 2021 and contains 384 unique substances/entries.


Germany completed the evaluations for the three substances below.


The three substances were originally added to the CoRAP list in 2015.


New documents are now available for:


• m-xylene (EC 203-576-3, CAS 108-38-3);

• o-xylene (EC 202-422-2, CAS 95-47-6); and

• p-xylene (EC 203-396-5, CAS 106-42-3).


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SCHC Monthly Newsletter, 30 November 2021