ECHA publishes a practical guide for downstream users on exposure scenarios

The European Chemicals Agency has published a new guide for downstream users on exposure scenarios. The practical guide provides an overview of the main duties of downstream users with regard to exposure scenarios under REACH and the associated timescale. It presents examples which illustrate common issues faced by downstream users when they compare their actual uses and the conditions of use with the information provided by suppliers. Practical tips on how to undertake a check and the options for follow up actions are also provided. In addition, it includes advice on how and when to prepare a downstream user chemical safety report and to report unsupported use to ECHA. The publication has been developed with input from the Downstream Users of Chemicals Coordination Group (DUCC), in particular with regard to the practical examples. To further develop the guide and the examples, ECHA is encouraging downstream users to submit actual experiences. Contributions should be sent to ECHA using the form “contact the ECHA Information Desk” available on the ECHA Contact web page. A copy of the guide is available at: Exposure Scenario Guide

ECHA, 28 June 2012 ; ;