ECHA shortlists substances for possible regulatory action

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has selected approximately 200 substances from the REACH registrations for further scrutiny by the Member State competent authorities. The competent authorities will carry out a manual examination of the dossiers to decide whether there is a need for regulatory action, such as compliance check, substance evaluation, harmonised classification and labelling, authorisation or restriction. The 200 substances short-listed are registered by 800 companies in around 1 300 registration dossiers. The selection is based on an automated screening focusing on substances with potential CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction), PBT (persistent bioaccumulative toxic), endocrine disrupting or sensitising properties. Substances are then further prioritised based on uses that are likely to lead to exposure to humans or release to the environment. The companies affected will soon receive a letter from ECHA informing them of the on-going examination of their registrations. They are invited to update their dossier to address any shortcomings as soon as possible. Up-to-date information will help the Member State authorities to better assess whether the concern indicated by the screening is confirmed, and whether regulatory action is still considered appropriate. Member State competent authorities and ECHA conduct this exercise annually as part of the common screening approach. The aim of this collaborative effort is to identify substances that pose a risk for human health or the environment and take them forward to the most appropriate REACH and CLP processes to ensure their safe use. The common screening approach is part of the SVHC Roadmap to 2020 implementation plan. Further information is available at: Screening

ECHA, 25 June 2015 ; ;