ECHA updates guidance on REACH registrations


The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA published an updated guidance on registration requirements under REACH. It aligns the Guidance with two implementing regulations that the Commission adopted recently on the registration and data sharing of phase-in substances after the final registration deadline and on updates of registration dossiers, respectively (please see frESH Law Horizons October 2019 and October 2020). ECHA removed all the references to the now obsolete pre-registration process and guides companies on how to calculate the tonnage band in which they have to register. For each tonnage band, REACH defines the minimum information that the registrant must provide on the intrinsic properties of their substance. At the lowest tonnage level (1-10 tonnes per year), the standard information requirements are defined in Annex VII. When a new tonnage band level is reached, additional requirements must be fulfilled, which are described in Annex VIII, including testing proposals for studies addressed in Annexes IX and X. ECHA also provides guidance to companies on determining when they need to update their REACH registrations. Additionally, the updated document includes a section on joint submission of data that was previously in the guidance on data sharing. Information on data-sharing such as joint submission of data, joint submission obligation and conditions for opting out from the joint submission, has been added and updated.

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The National Law Review, 10 September 2021