ECHA’s working group on nanomaterials gets underway

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has established its informal working group on nanomaterials. Comprising experts from EU member states, the European Commission, ECHA and accredited stakeholders, the group will discuss scientific and technical questions relevant to nanomaterials and REACH and CLP processes, and provide recommendations on strategic issues. According to the agency, the output of the working group will be “informal advice on any scientific and technical issues regarding implementation of REACH and CLP legislation in relation to nanomaterials.” Experience with recently-developed methodologies and obligations relating to REACH will also be discussed with industry. In addition, it aims to liaise with the Group Assessing Already Registered Nanomaterials (Gaarn), which was set up in January 2012 by DG Environment to build consensus on best practices for assessing and managing the safety of nanomaterials under REACH. ECHA, which chairs Gaarn, wants to ensure that conclusions and best practices from the group are reported to its nanomaterials working group and shared with stakeholders. The agency has also launched a web-page, detailing information on nanomaterials and their place within REACH and CLP. The web-page features links to nanomaterials webinars, which ECHA aims to regularly organise to inform and discuss REACH and CLP as it relates to nanomaterials. The first such webinar will be held on 30 October, and covers how to ensure the safe use of nanomaterials under REACH and characterisation of nanoforms of substances in registration dossiers. The web-page can be accessed at: nanomaterials webpage

Chemical Watch, 18 October 2012 ; ;