Further substances assessed by authorities

The Netherlands is carrying out a risk management option analysis (RMOA) for kieselguhr, soda ash flux-calcined (EC 272-489-0; CAS 68855-54-9). For ?,?,?,4-tetrachlorotoluene (EC 226-009-1; CAS 5216-25-1), the Netherlands has scrutinised the PBT assessment carried out under previous EU chemicals legislation and confirmed that, according to their assessment, the substance is not PBT/vPvB (persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic or very persistent and very bioaccumulative). Check the public activities coordination table (PACT) for monthly updates on which substances are undergoing informal hazard assessment or risk management option analysis by authorities. Further information is available at: Public activities coordination table

ECHA enews, 11 November 2015 ;http://echa.europa.eu ;